Forum Thread: When Did Your Realize You Finally Got Crochet Licked?

When Did Your Realize You Finally Got Crochet Licked?

My defining moment is when people just say "OH THAT'S NICE' to OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT... I will give you money to make me one! The true defining moment is when you stop fighting with the yarn and each stitch starts to look even on it's own. :)

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This is so true Michael. I was fighting with the yarn and it was winning. I stopped and not only am I winning now, I now have more confidence in my own abilities and I am creating some pretty cool stuff and it is not taking forever. I used to start projects and I'd stop because the yarn was getting the better of me and now I am completing projects for friends and family and they love them. I would not have gained the confidence I have now if I had not found a video of yours on YouTube that explained what to do and was easy for me to follow. Thank you so much!

im new to croche but i think when i made my first baby sweater and it actually looked right and didnt end up having three arms!!!! Ha ha ha and it actually looked like a sweater is when i felt like ah huh....i got this!!!! i was able o teach a friend to and that was a good feeling!!!

the second and third blankets i made for my young neice and nephew , when i gave them to them their mom and dad(my brother and his wife ) were like wow . and every one i showed pics to said they liked it .

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