News: Crochet Break Coming To End

Crochet Break Coming To End

I've been on the inside of my box reflecting to what is on the outside. I live my life outside the box but occassionally have to get back intot the box to see what's going on... I have been on a 4 - 5 week non creative mode...

Through this time frame... great people on Mikeyssmail have been still continuing to exercise their creativity... I'm so pleased to see that!

Though many ideas come daily on what I could do next... I'm not motivated by just a simple request... I've allowed this same time frame to put MIKEYSSMAIL GOOGLE SITES back on the tracks with fixing all the colour issues on that website... Mikeyssmail.COM got a drastic upgrade and update... So I haven't been just doing nothing... I just haven't been playing with a hook!

There is a person responsible for pulling me out of this funk and her name is Bonnie from Washington State... she knows who she is but doesn't realize she is responsible for this. She presented me with an idea for Creative Festival... showed me her preliminary plans and she is almost completed! Her item is something I have never done before... and I was stunned to see how she laid everything out... and she promised a week ago that if she wasn't done by July 2010 that she would give up... In only a week, she produced a 7 foot x 10 item for 40,000 people to witness and will be something I will have for a lifetime.

Her speed is phenominal... I have always steered away from this type of crochet... but now I think I am going to try it... WHY? Because if Bonnie can do it... I know I can too.. and not because I am better then she... but because I am determined to learn... her level of determination and giving is driving her momentum... and I feel that... and I love it..... and I want to feel that too!

So thanks Bonnie... many other people were responsible for being so great durin gmy break... but there are too many people to name... but if you want to know where they are... they are the constant people on MIKEYSSMAIL driving the momentum through pictures and comments!

Mikeyssmail is NOT ME... it's WE, US, TOGETHER... A Community!


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Oh! I wonder what kind of crochet it is?!

yes yes what type is it ?? please share :O)

Oh Mikey you have peaked my interest!!!! Cant wait to see it.

There's a hint on my website... it's one of the newest items available on my second page in... I will let you know how it goes before I mention it officially.

I know it! It's Fabulous! I posted a guess on FB.

glad you got your creative spark back mikey!!!!!!

Me too... cause if I could tell what sparked me... I wouldn't drop the hook! Guess that's what life is all about. :)

Mikey, you made me cry! You're awesome - thank you. Hope you can print that picture and show it tonight. Luv ya.

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