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New pattern

I am coming up with a new pattern! I was working on a scrap afghan from a pattern, was inspired to make changes, I thought, "This stitch would be better and this multiple would be better," and am writing a whole new pattern!  The inspiration is a pattern in the book, Great Big Crochet Afghan Book, by The Needlecraft Shop. The pattern is called I love Scraps. It looks like rows of hearts.   The hearts will be changed to be more heart-like and they will be more dimensional. I'll also change it to a lap-robe/ baby blanket size. Plus, instead of fringe there will be a border.  It's all just in my brain right now!  

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Hi Ms. Ham, I saw your you tube video on how to make a beret! It was awsome!!! it really helped me get started with crocheting. I am still very new to the craft but i am enjoying it.

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