Forum Thread: This place is cool!!! what do others think????

Good find mikey!!!!!!!

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They found me... The creators contacted me this afternoon... They applauded our community and effort to really bring like minded people together. This is brand new concept completely... I'm excited about it as I don't have to loose privacy to bring people together!

 wow...... that awesome that they contacted you to do this!!!!! so no more posting stuff on facebook about crochet!!! facebook can be for other conversations and this can be our crochet world!!!! Is that the idea??? migt be hard to change people over to here but i think it will happen eventually with a few stragglers!!! As always let m know if you need any help! :)

this is pretty neat, start of something awesome! :)

I think for SAFETY! this is a better forum... you know it's too easy to post a photograph and link people in it and for strangers to be surfing in our business without us knowing... very much like a peeping tom without us knowing!

yup your right!!! thats why i dont use my name on Fb anyone can search u and then hound u to add them!!!! a fake name gives you a little more control over that! !!! :)

it is kind of scary if you think about it. Facebook can open new doors and is great for meeting new friends but it can also be dangerous!

Yeah I hear you... I was trying to think... WHY WOULD I WANT THIS... and then I was looking at FACEBOOK and I am thinking... if I was a real sh... disturber,,, it would be easy for me to locate a family member and cause real issues! I am thinking... there's not much privacy... with this... we can talk about crochet and looming all we want without others being bothered with it on FACEBOOK!

so are there "friend lists" or do you just search this everytime you log on?

I'm looking... I see people are following me on my own profile... but I am not sure where the membership pages here are...

not sure mikey tried to look??? Do you have to click on their pics??? if i find it i will let u know!

i got here and saved it to my favs so when i open it it opens here!!! that probably makes no sense???

not sure how to add friends yet??? it just says follow bu i dont think i want o follow everyone right????

if you follow someone, you see their activity.... if they follow you back... you're then friends.

excited to see what comes of this world! my crochet could really use some practice!

oh thanks!!!!

oh yeah!!! lots of scary people on there!!! I have met a couple of people I enjoy on there like mikey and a few others i have added as friends but i dont add everyone that asks because most of them ive never even heard of or talk to??? they just follow mikey so they want to be friends!!!! i need to know u a little for me to feel comfy!! ya know!??!

Have to pick your friends carefully... I know many pick me as friendship cause they are nosie about Diva Dan and I... but he barely uses Facebook... He snoops but rarely posts anything.

really....... thats sad!!!! well i like you guys for you i dont care about your business in a nosey way just in a  friend way!!!

Facebook, I meet up with friends that I used to work with. Most of them aren't into crochet. I have a few friends on there that are and are in other groups with me. Some are in my craft groups.

But, people that I have worked with for the most part, they like the things that I make. But, they are not into crafts or crochet and they don't want to talk about it. They like to see pictures of what I make. But, have no idea what a sc or dc or slst, ch 5 is.

  I have a lot of Yahoo groups that I'm in and that is mostly what we talk about. Our crafts. I'm in a potholder exchange and a 12" square exchange too. The craft group, we have swaps. They can be sewn, crochet, knit, macrame, painted, mode podge, etc.

   I like having groups that talk about crochet. People ask questions and need help or ideas. A lot of times, it is just changing colors that makes the pattern work. It looks so much nicer in the right colors.

I really like how everyone comes together to help each other and share their stories. 


This is really so cool. The possibilities are endless. I"m just glad we can be along to join you!

I seriously LOVE it here

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