Forum Thread: What Was Your Best Moment In Giving Your Crochet Away?

I gave away a ton of preemie hats to the Kitchener Waterloo Prenatal Unit in Ontario. I felt great and my bag was jammed packed with my first ever looming hats that I had made! I gave them to the Hospitals Chaplin to give away.

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I made a 6 pointed star afghan for my friends four year old for his birthday and when he looked up at me and told me that he loved it and it was his Eese (he has always called me Eese, he could not say Ashley when he was smaller) cuddle blanket my heart melted. He sleeps with it every night. That was my best moment.

This past Wednesday was my daughters baby shower. I made 2 blankets, a hat, bootys and a hoodie!! She was sooo excited to finally get to see them.    

this past yr i made star blankets for my older neice and and nephew in the colors of their favorate college teams(michigan vs michigan state. when my neice got hers and said she was gonna go tease her brother with it ,she made me really happy.

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