News: Sale Signs Drive Me Crazy & Reminds Me Of Robbery!

Sale Signs Drive Me Crazy & Reminds Me Of Robbery!

Do Sale Signs Bother You?

My main man ran over a large rock with our lawn mower taking a chunk out of the blade. I heard it hit and the mower stopped dead in its rotation. The mower now has this grinding sound and I don't know better... but I have a feeling that a few teeth out of the gears has been snapped off inside the engine.

So we went to Canadian Tire (like a Home Depot) to look for a mower... They had a 14" Electric Mower for $159.99... It was too narrow we thought and so we have decided to wait for a larger one when we have more money. This was 3 days ago! 

Last Night's Paper Came and there's that $159.99 Mower in the Flyer, NOW ON SALE for $90.00. The price dropping of $69.99 + tax = 79.09. 

I turned to Diva Dan and said to him THANK GOD we never bought that mower for $159.99, we would have been ripped off. 

Which leads me to my point... if a store can reduce a mower nearly $80.00 with the taxes worked in... could they have not lowered the regular price in the first place? Or do they need to overage the people who bought it at the $159.99 price to compensate for the people who are lucky enough to have waited for a sale? 

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That is quite a difference in price. Reminds me of the old bate and switch. They advertise something at a very low price. When you get to the store, they don't have any or they try to sell you something for a lot more money.

Also reminds me of other things. The way that people look at prices. A store was trying to sell clothes pins for 30 cents a package. They sat on the shelves for months. So, a sale sign went up. 3 for a dollar and they sold out of clothes pins that day. It is the way that we look at things. They price went up. But, we saw it as a bargain. They way that you price things makes a difference in how people perceive the price.

More product for more money! LOL You are so right!

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