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News: New pattern

I am coming up with a new pattern! I was working on a scrap afghan from a pattern, was inspired to make changes, I thought, "This stitch would be better and this multiple would be better," and am writing a whole new pattern!  The inspiration is a pattern in the book, Great Big Crochet Afghan Book, by The Needlecraft Shop. The pattern is called I love Scraps. It looks like rows of hearts.   The hearts will be changed to be more heart-like and they will be more dimensional. I'll also change it ...

News: There's No Such Thing As Perfection... But I Am Expecting It???

What Am I Doing???? Last night, I was reminded on the negative impacts of striving for perfection. It's not possible to be perfect. We describe many things as being perfect. IE, an afghan, a hat, a tablecloth and more over, there is always something better... a different colour, a slightly different pattern, and so on. As time progesses, the colours we choose this fall might be the OUT colours of next fall. 

News: Crochet Break Coming To End

I've been on the inside of my box reflecting to what is on the outside. I live my life outside the box but occassionally have to get back intot the box to see what's going on... I have been on a 4 - 5 week non creative mode... Through this time frame... great people on Mikeyssmail have been still continuing to exercise their creativity... I'm so pleased to see that! Though many ideas come daily on what I could do next... I'm not motivated by just a simple request... I've allowed this same tim...

News: Major Announcement - ALL NEW TO MIKEYSSMAIL

Mikeyssmail and ALLFREECROCHET are now in video partnership. You will see some videos being presented on behalf of ALLFREECROCHET with me being the instructor. You can find all free crochet stuff at their website Their website lives up to their reputation. I am totally excited about this opportunity. You will start seeing videos uploading as early as tonight on my You Tube. My videos are already available on their You Tube Space. This is a brand new venture for t...


When joining this site... it requires me to fulfill a list of obligations for getting the world going... More so... you can't have the perks without the work basically! So this is my final edit to our world and we can be officially off. Mikeyssmail on this becomes official and more... So thanks to all the fans who are jumping from Facebook to here! I think this is our future at this website... we have everything we need to share with and keep our own lives private! Enjoy!

News: Off To Work Today...

Today I am off to work... I work weekends as I have been pretty verbal about. Everything with Mikeyssmail is primarily volunteer which I think many new people to my sites don't get. They probably think I do this all day long 7 days per week! Have a great day everyone... without my current job... none of this would be possible. Enjoy!

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