News: There's No Such Thing As Perfection... But I Am Expecting It???

There's No Such Thing As Perfection... But I Am Expecting It???

What Am I Doing????

Last night, I was reminded on the negative impacts of striving for perfection. It's not possible to be perfect. We describe many things as being perfect. IE, an afghan, a hat, a tablecloth and more over, there is always something better... a different colour, a slightly different pattern, and so on. As time progesses, the colours we choose this fall might be the OUT colours of next fall. 

My videos count more than ever right now on the accuracy. I'm not great with scripting anything. The best moments on my YOU TUBE channel is when I get off topic and into fun conversation, even if it's by myself. Now that I am being scripted for only 2 sentences in a video... I am doing tricks to ensure the scripting message comes across as natural, yet informative, and fun. However, I have to be myself too... because here I am showing how to do something... but then... ALL OF A SUDDEN, I change my voice and attitude for the script... HOW UNNATURAL is that? 

  • Last night... I did 10 Takes of the intro which lasted only 45 seconds... I was getting so frustrated. 
  • Then 25 Takes of the body of the video... I stumble or use the wrong word... instead of STITCH, I use HOLE, and I am unsure what the viewers are thinking... This guy is a nut job... doesn't even know his terminology!
  • I'm about naming stuff that is practical. A newbie crocheter isn't going to know all the fancy terms, so it's easier to point... call it something else, but say the right word in the same sentence. IE... put your hook in the next hole, or next stitch whichever you want to call it. 

I think I am being hard on myself... I eventually gave up... my video might be great... I haven't watched it on playback yet. With the new videos... I am wearing a head set and microphone system to ensure top quality. With Diva Dan bopping around the house... it's easy for him to clang a dish or just be walking on by to be picking up his foot steps. 

Oh Well... Going To Try Again today... I have to remember, perfection isn't possible... but GREAT or AWESOME is just as good! 


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It would turn out... that my videos were excellent after all... I guess I was so frustrated by the end of it yesterday... I thought I might as well just have watched TV! :)

cut your self some slack and remember you can alwasy try again . if you dont get it the first time there is always tomorrow . and also you have the best crochet tutorials i have seen online.

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