Forum Thread: ~creative festival projects~

is anyone working on anything specific to donate for the festival???

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im working on grannies and imagination sweaters!!!! :)

did my package arrive? I am worried it got lost in the post! :(

I posted 3 imagination sweaters....:)

Heya Catherine... No... not yet! :) 3?????

yer 3! lol I will investigate at the post office....I wish I had sent it on a trackable label now! posted it on the 5th......YIKES! fingers crossed it gets to you ok! :)

so glad to hear it arrived  at last! :) xx

here are my imagination jackets, neon pink with a matching trim...I changed the lower part to a v stitch :) the second one is yellow with white trim and daisy flowers and the third is a heavy winter coat made with very soft yarn with a slight fluffy texture to it, I added a shell edge .


very nice sweaters!!!! the hot pink grayish one looks bigger than an infant or is that just the pic???? i have been trying to increase this pattern ofr  awhile but keep messing it up thats why i ask..........:)

hi, its the same pattern in but with thicker yarn it works up slightly bigger. I am sure there is a way of working out how to enlarge the pattern but I am not sure how myself! :)

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