Forum Thread: What's the worst project You Have Ever Done

I did a beautiful wavy shell blanket... and before I knew how to change colours or deal with Stragglers... I ended up with a project with big wack'n knots all over the edging... Beautiful blanket turned disaster afterwards... all because I didn't know!

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grannie squares that were no where near square!!!!! :)

it has to be anything I thought I could make with mohair yarn! oh the stuff is hell for someone like me who sneezes with the slightest amount of fluff on a yarn! plus the yarn is hell to try and frog if you make a mistake! you just cannot get that stuff to unravel! I made a poncho ( one of the first items I made to wear) with mohair yarn that was given to me by a was evil! it made me itch even when I wore it over several layers!

There are so many things that I have started over the years tat I just didn't like and I didn't finish them. But, the funny thing is I don't like doing afghan stitch. But,  I would not think twice about making something with crochet on the double. The only difference being that crochet on the double is a double ended afghan hook and you use two strands of yarn at once.

Someone once told me to do crochet on the double in public with two strands of the same color yarn and see the reactions that you get. I haven't tried that one yet.

my very first afgan was my worst mess up, it was the first thing i ever made and the start is so weird but after i got going it turned out ok.

Socks...i'm constantly trying to knit socks and fail miserably. I've tried dpns(double pointed needles),crochet. I either loose a stitch or it just doesn't look right.

My loomed slippers that had no stretch and bent my tool!

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