Super Star Crochet How-Tos

How To: How Will You Make A Difference Today?

Making a difference can be done even before you leave your house... Are you thinking about a friend... maybe send them an email and say.. HEY I was just thinking about you... how are you doing? They could be surprised that you remembered... Many of us remember people but take little time to acknowledge it.... So when you are at the coffee shop this morning or filling up your car at the gas station. Wish them a "Super Dooper Day!" They might think you are on crack, but you will have made them ...

How To: Staring With WonderHowTo Blog

Welcome to our new world... Very Simply Put... this is a place safer than FACEBOOK! I know my personal friendships get tired of me posting so much about Crochet... It's my passion, my life, and my dream! SOOOO this place gives us a place to discuss, post, talk, and no one on Facebook has to be bothered by it! So join me if you want to talk Crochet... post your pictures... This is a far safer place! Have Fun! Michael

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