News: Day 2 Of Our New World

Day 2 Of Our New World

Today is day 2 and YES... I don't know the ins and outs of this platform but I am liking the graphic detail of it. I compare it a new computer program that work would get...

  1. At first, all you see is layout and words...
  2. Then you begin to realize the layout has purpose and you need to jump around to get what you want.
  3. Then you start jumping to find stuff.
  4. Soon, you will realize the ins and outs and will be surfing all over our new world knowing what you are looking for!


  • So be patient as we figure this thing out... so far I see no friends list... but maybe that's a good thing... maybe that is part of the privacy and makes you want to comment so people know you are using it...
  • Unlike Facebook, the friends only appear in your personal BIO Here... which gives you added privacy on our World.


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Somebody had posted once you follow somebody and then they follow you back you become friends. I think your friend list and followers list shows up on your profile page.

I belive you are right there Lindsay!

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