How To: How Will You Make A Difference Today?

How Will You Make A Difference Today?

Making a difference can be done even before you leave your house... Are you thinking about a friend... maybe send them an email and say.. HEY I was just thinking about you... how are you doing? They could be surprised that you remembered... Many of us remember people but take little time to acknowledge it.... So when you are at the coffee shop this morning or filling up your car at the gas station. Wish them a "Super Dooper Day!" They might think you are on crack, but you will have made them smile... and a smile takes more muscles and is good for someone! Enjoy Your Day Today!

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My friends Mom does not have a car anymore and it is hard for her to borrow her daughters as she has two kids to run around and works full time so on payday I do one of two things. I either lend her my car to get her running around done or drive her around. I just got home from driving her around. I know it is not much but it lets her be more independent and she doesn't have to depend on her daughter as much.

I have to do laundry today. I'm literally down to my last pair of socks.

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