How To: Staring With WonderHowTo Blog

Staring With WonderHowTo Blog

Welcome to our new world... Very Simply Put... this is a place safer than FACEBOOK! I know my personal friendships get tired of me posting so much about Crochet... It's my passion, my life, and my dream! SOOOO this place gives us a place to discuss, post, talk, and no one on Facebook has to be bothered by it!

So join me if you want to talk Crochet... post your pictures... This is a far safer place!

Have Fun!


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so is this like the wall of facebook? or am I in the wrong spot?

not sure?? I posted a comment in the forum........i think thats right??? ha ha ha

Forum or wall I suppose... I'm just getting used to this myself! I have a lot of criteria to meet before this is officially launched... we are at 59% completion!

I think once everyone gets the hang of it we will be flying through it! lol

you bring out the creativity in people and it will be a great place to share our projects and ideas!

Yeah I admit I do... next week I think there will be a major announcement... I'm so excited... as negotiations have happened for something large to have happened! I'm not allowed to speak about it... but our community is about to expand 10 fold easily! I'm just so excited cause everyone with us right now will remember me as the kid from the country just trying to bring people together!

Having this world opens a huge doorway to a large community as we are the only ones that can represent crochet on here! I'm so excited by that!

that is pretty awesome! I can't wait to hear! I know your videos have done a lot for me. I couldn't get past making a chain I couldn't figure out where the stitches were and then I stumbled onto your video of how to make a granny square and I have been at it ever since. Your not just about learning but exploring and having fun, meeting new people. I look forward to what is ahead for you and diva dan and I am really excited for you guys! :)

OMg we have had 359 VISITS already and we aren't even an hour old yet!

I learned to crochet over 30 years ago.
My first afghan was a sc red and white ripple with an F hook.
It took me a year to make.
Today, I could make that in 10 days with an F hook.
The first granny square that I was making, I was doing a hdc instead of a dc and I couldn't figure
out what I was doing wrong. That was until I saw a coworker showing someone else
how to crochet. I went back to my booklet and checked it out. Sure enough. I was doing it all wrong.
We didn't have the internet then. We had to figure it out on our own.
I have taught a lot of people how to crochet over the years and also how to make or design
something on their own. I have also showed them how to modify patterns.
Sometimes, patterns are written wrong or hard to read and I figure them out for people.
I used to crochet a lot for family. Now that my son and his cousins are all grown up, I
crochet a lot for charities.
I have made so may things over the years for the kids. Now, it is time that I make
things that I want to make in the colors and styles that I want to make.
I found out if you don't like something, change it or change the color. If you start it and you
don't like something about it, you will never finish it. Life is too short.
Make a long chain when you are making something like an afghan. You can always undo the
extra chain and it locks in. It is a lot easier than ripping it out several times until you get it right.
Make a practice piece. You can get used to the pattern and color. If you don't like it,
you can always place it under a lamp. Or, you can finish the piece and work in all the ends.
The cats and dogs at the shelter will love you. They don't care about the color or the mistakes.
They just like something warm and cuddly to lay on.

richard, love your story. would you mind making it a post so it doesn't get lost?
anyone else have a great story about how they got into crochet?

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